Web Ablaze Zine

Web Ablaze is a visual exploration of a love poem. It is 12 pages in length. The wraparound cover is opalescent pearl cardstock, the interior pages are text weight, and all graphics are laser printed black and white. All copies are pamphlet stitch bound with embroidery thread. Web ablaze was created in 2017, and debuted at Chicago Zine Fest 2017.

what’s the color of my hair?

you said you can’t quite put your finger on it but
your hands are in it nonetheless,
running your fingers down the strands until
they catch in tangled curls

it’s black
but it’s brown
but in the sun, it’s fire.

i take the edge of your petal-soft ear between my fingertips
savoring your peach-skin as it ripens to a softness,
where the firmness gives and the bristles melt down

and it slowly fades to brown,
like your neck darkened by the sun
that sets my hair on fire.

your spider-hands caught in the web ablaze,
you say it doesn’t hurt
but i see your fingertips redden, start to blister.
you insist
it doesn’t hurt.

your hair is brown.